Course Curriculum

Those who want to operate their drones in Dubai, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, will need to fully understand the obligations imposed on them by all laws and regulations in addition to other guidelines concerning the use of drones and privacy and data protection. To give you a complete picture of the regulations and all the steps to fly a drone (equipped with a camera) over Dubai we have produced this course, totally free. We will accurately describe the procedures and go into specifics necessary to register your drone, furthermore, we’ll show you how to request a permit for aerial shooting in Dubai. Finally, we will analyze all the flight rules and limits to be respected in Dubai. When you're done, you will receive a certificate of participation

Course program

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1 - Reference Institutions

  • Chapter 2 - Flying in Dubai

  • Chapter 3 - Rules and regulations in Dubai

  • Conclusion and Exam

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